Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clans of the Cherokee, part 8 -- The Wolf Clan

The Aniwaya (people of the Wolf), representing war, is the largest and most prominent clan. They provided most of the war chiefs throughout history and just as the wolf was regarded as a protector, the clan is known as protectors of the people.  In ancient times, they hunted like wolves, running after game and attacking in packs.  They are the keeper and tracker of the wolf. They loved wolves and sometimes raised them in captivity, training wolf pups like dogs.  It was bad luck to kill a wolf, except for the professional wolf killer who knew the proper way to use medicine, magic and conjures to avoid the curse.  They are the only clan who could kill a wolf through their special ceremonies and wolf medicines.

It is their responsibility to develop, maintain and teach the knowledge of loyalty, protection and security as part of achieving the seventh level of personal development.
Shaman painted on ancient shell cup

They were responsible for keeping up to date intelligence for their village or tribe.  They could function as part of the group while maintaining their own individuality.  The clan color if the Aniwaya is red, their wood is hickory and their flag is red with white stars.  At some Oklahoma Cherokee ceremonial grounds the Wolf arbor is to the left of the Blue arbor and they get to drink the black drink first during Stomp dances.

The Black Drink custom dates back to antiquity.  Originally drank from whelk shell cups,  the drink was part of many Cherokee ceremonies including council meetings, preparations for war, and purification.  Made from Youpon Holly leaves and branches, the drink had emetic properties and was sometimes used for purification through ritual vomiting.  The drink was roasted to bring out its caffeine properties and the dark color.  Colonists would later use the leaves for a tea or coffee substitute.  Ceremonies required the drink be served from a communal cup in the order of importance starting with most important visitors and down the ranks.  The wolf clan also used the drink in ceremonial preparations for war.

Notable Surnames: A: Abercrombie, Action, Adams, Allen, Atkins, Atkinson B: Badger, Beaver, Bell, Black Fox, Blades, Bledsol, Bloom, Bloomfield, Boodinaugh, Bowles, Boxturtle, Bradberry, Broom (Nancy), Brown (Sarah), Bugg C: Canoe, Caudle, Chandler, Cloudy Parks, Coateney, Coin, Coseen, Coughmann, Coxs, Cupp, Custalow D: Doekiller, Dragging Canoe, Dull Knife E: Easton, English F: Fall, Fire Carrier, Foose, Forbush G: Grite, Grundy H: Hand, Highpine, Hilderbrand, Hill, Huganen I: Inlow J: James, Justice (Lena) K: Keener, Kicks, Kickupp, Kitch L: Linser, Little Fellow, Little Owl, Littlefield, Long, Long Fellow, Long Limper, Lowery M: Mackey, Mills (Elvis) N: Neal, Neil, Nionee, Nution O: Oldham, Ooneeghdeehee R: Raiper, Riddle, Rider, Ridge S: Sain, Samson, Sharp, Sheepkiller, Starr, Straw T: Tame Doe, Thimble, Todd, Towie, Tranquatti, Tsiyugigaghy, Tucker, Turkey at Home, Turtle U: Uhlery W: Wade, Waite, Walker, Ward, Ward (Nancy), Watie, White, White Dog, White Horn, White Mankiller, Wise, Wolfe, Wood(s)

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  1. This describes my family, I have always been wolf like, my favorite color is red and we are all protectors of others.